Our thinking

That women makes great tech entrepreneurs and gender diversity would promote any business are now established facts, backed by extensive and reputable research[1]. Yet, Women remains less than 10% of start-up founders, and under-represented in the tech entrepreneurship arena. 

Research showed four main obstacles on women’s way to entrepreneurship:

Social/Cultural obstacles – This includes the accumulation of all social impressions imprinted on a woman, throughout her life, from the day she was dressed in pink and was given her first doll, (while her brother was dressed in blue and was given building blocks, to the day she scarified her professional career so her children will have better parents, or let her husband make decision for her, because he’s “better at that”.

Lack of Role Models – “You can’t be what you can’t see” Says Marian Wright Edelman[2]. There are many talented women, in the tech world, but as long as they don’t present themselves as an example for younger generations – Young women can’t follow their steps.

Professional networking barrier – most venture capitalists have a tight and trusted circle of business colleagues who act as gatekeepers for high potential deals, and women have rarely been networked into this small inner circle[3].

Limited access to equity funding – Research shows that only 4% of venture capital money flows into women-owned businesses[4], while only 3-5% of women lead start-ups receive VC funding[5]. This restricts women led start-ups, especially in the growth stage.

Our research showed that while numerous organizations and activities are trying to approach those obstacles, scarce few, none of which in Israel, are handling women founder’s limited access to funding. This, and the conviction that women led ventures are a good investment, led us to concentrate Eva Ventures efforts there.


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